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Guidelines For Individual Applications To The Beamsley Trust



1. Getting Help With Your Beamsley Trust Application

Your application must come through a referral agency or a referee, e.g. Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Social Services, Religious Leader/Doctor, key worker.

2. The Timetable

  • Applications will be considered at a Trustees’ meeting.
  • Deadlines for applications are listed below.
  • After your Beamsley Trust application is received, and before the Trustees meet, a Trustee will contact your referring organisation to discuss your application. You will not be expected to speak to a Trustee yourself so you should make sure that you provide your referring organisation with any relevant information including your financial circumstances.
  • You will be notified of the decision soon after the Trustee meeting.


3. Grants

The Beamsley Trustees are able to offer grants to residents within The Craven Trust area (see map), who are in need or hardship, or experiencing distress. This could mean paying for items, services or facilities which help to reduce their difficulties. They will not however be able to make grants to students nor individuals for foreign travel, for the payment of rates, taxes, or other public funds. Decisions are at the Trustees’ discretion and all information is treated with utmost confidentiality.
Generally, grants range from £100 – £1,500.


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4. General

After completing the application form, please check it carefully and make sure you have included as much information as possible.

The Trustees cannot commit themselves to repeat or renew a grant.

If you are unsuccessful you will be advised whether you should re-apply.

Please provide evidence of your circumstances, in particular your financial circumstances, to support your application (authorised if possible) e.g: copies of bank statements, correspondence with benefits agencies, notices, etc.

You may be requested to contact Trustees after 6 months to confirm how the grant money has been spent and how it has helped you or your client.