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Guidelines For Group Applications



 1. The Timetable

  • Applications will be considered at a Trustees’ meeting.
  • Deadlines for applications are listed below.
  • After your application is received and before the Trustees meet, a visit or telephone call to your organisation will be arranged.  Trustees’ meetings are held every 3 months and all applicants are notified soon afterwards.
  • Organisations who have already received a grant may apply again 24 months after the grant has been awarded.
  • If you are successful in your application for a grant and are awarded a pledge, you must claim your grant within 12 months of receipt of the approval letter’ otherwise it may be revoked.


Please note that late applications are not acceptable, but they may be passed to the next grant-making round. We would be grateful if you could avoid last-minute submissions as it could delay the process and cause a backlog – the earlier the better!

2. Grants

  • Generally grants range from £100-£1,500.
  • Charitable status is not essential, but is preferred.
  • Successful applications will be monitored. You will be required to submit a brief report which shows:
    1. How the money has been spent
    2. How it has affected your organisation


3. The Application

The Craven area is shown on the enclosed map and extends to Keighley, Sedbergh, Grassington, Barnoldswick and the Trough of Bowland.  The Trustees will not make grants to projects outside this area.



Click for a higher resolution map


The Trustees are committed to supporting community-based projects in the Craven area, and with this in mind, the following categories give you some idea of what you may apply for:

  • Items such as equipment and capital purchases to improve the organisation’s services, administration or functions etc
  • Training for volunteers or Trustees
  • Premises costs (eg for building maintenance, repairs etc)
  • Set-up costs (eg for a new project:materials, equipment etc)

If your organisation is not yet fully established, don’t be put off – but note that a grant will not be paid until the project is ready to proceed.

4. Applications that are Not Eligible

The Trustees will not make grants to animal charities, students or for foreign travel, or national or medical charities (with some exceptions).  Generally the Trustees do not fund running costs such as salaries, or costs which have already been incurred.

5. Completing the Application Form

Section 1

The name of the organisation should be that of the parent legal body, the one with overall responsibility.  If the applicant is a project within the organisation, use a separate sheet explaining what the project is/does and who is involved along with its relationship to the parent organisation.

Section 2

Please state briefly what your aims and activities are to give us a picture of your organisation rather than the project you are applying for. Trustees may ask you for more information later.

Section 3

This gives you an opportunity to explain why you require a grant, exactly how it will be used, what difference you think it will make to your organisation and how you think it will affect/improve the community it serves. It is important to let us know when you think you will need our grant as grants must be claimed within 12 months of approval being received.


The Trust requires additional items of information about the project – there is a list at the end of the form and our usual requirements are for three quotes to be submitted with your application. If you are unable to provide any of this information please contact the administrator Rowena Garton for advice.

If you need assistance with developing your organisation or the project you may seek advice from your local council for Voluntary Service:

Community Action Bradford and District:

Tel: 01535 665258

Community First Yorkshire:

Tel: 01904 704177