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Grants for Victims of the Recent Floods

The Craven Trust is keen to add its support  to  the grants and help that is available from other sources. Community Organisations and individuals throughout our area of benefit (see map here) are encouraged to use our normal grants process (see guidelines here and here) and also seek support from elsewhere. If you have any queries please contact Mary Hamilton through

Should you wish to make a donation or want financial support contact your local Community Associations using the links below:

Craven Trust Application Deadlines 2016

Deadline Trustee Meeting
Friday 18th March 2016 Tuesday 19th April 2016
Friday 10th June 2016 Tuesday 12th July 2016
Friday 16th September 2016 Tuesday 18th October 2016
Friday 16th December 2016 Monday 6th February 2017

Craven Trust Application Deadlines 2015

Deadline Trustee Meeting
Friday 20th March 2015 Tuesday 28th April 2015
Friday 5th June 2015 Tuesday 7th July 2015
Friday 18th September 2015 Tuesday 20th October 2015
Friday 11th December 2015 Thursday 11th February 2016